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Wheel (BC Originals): GAME Review & Theme

The ground-breaking slot game, Wheel at BC.GAME, is one of the most prominent games you can play on the website with mobile phones or desktops. This slot machine game has one massive circular screen, which is different from other games with the usual reels and rows. Instead, the Wheel is a slot machine that reflects like a roulette, combined with some of the most enjoyable features of table games.

When you play the Wheel, you will be welcomed with a large playing area on your screen, while the chips and available betting options can be found in front of it. It is also worth noting that this slot game does not offer any bonus features. Despite that, it is not a big deal since it lets you access exciting and unique gameplay that will keep you far from being bored. You can try your luck in this game and take home huge sums of prizes while being fascinated by the enchanting graphics.

The main thrill of this game requires the players to try their luck and guess where the pointer will stop after each wheel spin. The Wheel is positioned right in the middle of your screen and is covered with different written numbers, colors, and symbols. You can also view the same digits on the table in front of the wheel. This is where you can see what kinds of bets are up for grabs.

About Wheel at BC.GAME

You can play the Wheel at BC.GAME anywhere using your mobile phone. This slot machine is a great example of simplicity with a touch of modern design. Compared to other slot games, this one works on handheld devices, such as phones and tablets. Furthermore, it uses state-of-the-art HTML5 technology to give players a 100% satisfying gaming experience.

Pay Table and Bet Size

Each chip corresponds to the value of your bet. The good thing about this slot machine is that it is perfect for players with varying financial means. Indeed, the worth of every chip in the collection varies from $0.0001 to an infinite maximum wager. So, whether you are a low-stakes player or a high-stakes bettor, you can enjoy the excitement of the game.

After deciding what betting strategy to employ, you can place your wager by selecting a symbol or number on the screen with just a few clicks on the mouse. The group of symbols and numbers includes a Star, the Joker, 20, 10, 5, 3, and 1. Similar to most table games available online, this slot machine's payout will be based on a ratio instead of a multiplier win. For instance, the Star and Joker are two of the highest-paying symbols. They offer 45-to-1 odds on any of them landing on the spinning wheel.

Features of Wheel (BC Originals)

The Wheel at BC.GAME has no hidden features or extra bonuses to watch out for. However, to win massive jackpots in this slot machine game, you must spin the wheel and hope it will land on your chosen symbol or number. One of the best selling points of this game is its high-paying symbols, which can yield up to 45 to 1 payouts.

Considering its unique game mechanics, only BC.GAME provides it online, and no other developers have replicated its gameplay. Some of the basic features of this slot machine are its increasing number of possible winning results. Once you are done with your winning spin, the cascades will start. And this way, you will unlock the extra position on one of the locked reels.

Whenever a sign is removed, which results in victory, it makes room for other symbols to fall into place and boost the player’s chances of winning. Aside from that, additional free spins may also be granted to players if they hit a certain number of winning combinations while using their bonus round. If the player has more than five wins, they will surely get additional free spins. When a retrigger occurs, the game will allow players to enhance their cumulative multiplier by one.


The Wheel slot game has a 99% Return to Player rate, which is decent. Nevertheless, its volatility is relatively minimal. This means that even though massive wins do not happen frequently, you can still expect to enjoy regular yet smaller victories that will add up over time.

BC.GAME is one of the well-known slot game providers that is committed to providing only quality gambling games. The Wheel slot game has been developed with a lot of effort to perfect every part of the game. Whether you are a beginner or have been playing slot machine games for a while, you will find this one exciting and easy to learn.

Aside from being accessible on various devices, this game is also perfect for players with a small betting budget. The big news is that you will have a higher chance to bag home huge prizes while enjoying the rest of the game.

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